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RSR SKILLS & IT SOLUTION PVT LTD an ISO 9 0 0 1 : 2 0 1 5 Certified Company, the initiator of The Institute of Computer Academy shall provide seamless access to sustainable and learner centric quality education, skill upgradation and training to all by us in innovating technology and methodologies for computer literacy program and ensuring convergence of existing system for massive human resources required for promoting integrated national development and global understanding.

The fundamental goal of RSRIT is to bring the computer revolution to every hamlet and city in India by providing high – quality technical education at a low cost to individuals from all walks of life. It was also founded with the primary goal of enhancing the abilities of India's youth in order to fulfil the country's growing demand for modern industry. We realized that Skill Development was required in our country to ensure that the population was productively employed; however, the perception of Skill Development in the eyes of the general public has been steadily deteriorating due to the types of low-paying jobs that people were given, exploitation, and limited career advancement opportunities. While this was true a few years ago, today Skill Development Trained students are among the most sought after due to the industry's need for new blood. At each new center, our main goal is to deliver low-cost computer education. As a result, computer training has become mandatory for every member of the family, however due to the expensive training fees charged by computer institutions, persons from the lower and middle classes may not be able to afford it.


Work and sweat for a great vision, the vision of transforming India into a developed nation, powered by Information Technology with a strong value system. Keep the lamp of knowledge burning to achieve the vision of a developed India.


RSR Skills & IT Solution Pvt Ltd aims to achieve and endorse excellence in every area of its teaching and maintaining, developing its position as a world class institute of contribute with the aid of its students in global society, to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the Information Technology services that support the new generation to take up innovative methods of development for own and our country.


RSR SKILLS & IT SOLUTION PVT LTD rests on the Mission that, Inculcating and developing entrepreneurial culture through professional training to produce world class manpower for employment and self employment opportunities.

RSR SKILLS & IT SOLUTION PVT LTD is guided by academicians, professionals, & visionaries from diverse backgrounds into designing career oriented programs for aspiring employees, entrepreneurs, and freelancers. Our courses are aimed at helping candidates to become successful in their chosen occupation and open doors for them to find career in India as well as offshore.


Our courses duration varies as per the requirement of the student. Certification programs catering to candidate's academic, employment, & vocational requirements; designed to transform sincere individuals into extraordinary, valued human resource. The courses also promise to open doors to freelance and self-employment opportunities; and those aiming to lap up offshore job opportunities.

Our curriculum is designed in keeping with the real world challenges and market dynamics; modules, course structure, synopsis; everything is developed by competent practitioners; we adhere to quality control standards you may not find at commonplace.


Successful completion of certification program will prepare students for future career paths and continued education; perfecting practical skills will help them to land employment in virtually any industry, anywhere in the world thereby improving your reputation and demand amongst students.

What sets us apart is that our courses have no minimum qualification criteria. This means, anybody interested in achieving professional success at any age or stage of their life can enroll into institutes conducting RSRIT programs, get a certificate on successful completion of the same and start a new life!

As all our courses are designed by experienced professionals, academic experts, and technicians; they're scientifically developed, are relevant and high compatible in prevailing work environment Our content and modules are practical and highly effective and relevant. All our courses are aimed at transforming individuals into employable and skilled human resource; competent to serve private and public sectors at various levels; start their own enterprise or be trained in their chosen vocation.